IAPPS Joint International Symposia


An International Symposium Committee was established in by the IAPPS Governing Board at the August 2011 meeting in Hawaii, with R. Muniappan as Chair. The other members of the committee are Mohamed Besri, Noriharu Ken Umetsu, B. Rubin,  H. C. Sharma,  Keith Jones, Kongming Wu

The main purpose of this committee is to promote global food security by providing an international aspect to the meetings of national and regional societies that embody plant protection, including the various plant protection disciplines e.g. entomology, plant pathology  weed science, nematology, vertebrates (birds and rodents), biocontrol, pesticide management, IPM, ecological engineering , economics etc. The International Symposium committee promotes crop protection activities that are economical, environmentally safe, sustainable and socially acceptable. This committee encourages IAPPS regional representatives to promote IAPPS in their respective regions by organizing joint meetings, workshops, symposia etc., in association with local and regional scientific societies/organizations.


The International Symposium Committee has set the following guidelines for regional societies to request the involvement of IAPPS in meetings, workshops, and symposia:
  • The regional Coordinator or an International Symposium Committee member should write to the Chair providing details such as, Name of the meeting, Name of the local or regional organizing committee(s), Venue, Date, and Proposed Title(s) if participation is in some sessions. 
  • The Chair circulates the document to all the members for approval and will communicate approval or disapproval based on the majority view of the committee to the President, Vice President, and Secretary General (Executive Committee/ Secretariat) for endorsement. 
  • The decision of the Executive committee will be communicated to the member who initiated the request. It will also be communicated to the IAPPS Newsletter through the editor.
  • IAPPS will consider possible funding support through solicitation of donor agencies. 
  • IAPPS will publicize the national and regional meetings and the IAPPS symposium/workshops in the IAPPS Newsletter, in Crop Protection, in the IAPPS Blog, IAPPS website, the IAPPS Secretary General’s Newsletter and via the email to all IAPPS members.
  • IAPPS will work with the meeting organizing committee to develop the program for the proposed IAPPS workshop/symposium.
  • The IAPPS Secretariat will provide information about IAPPS for dissemination at the meetings, symposia ans workshops.
  • IAPPS will consider and assist publication of the proceedings in the ‘Crop Protection’ journal at the request of the organizers.