The International Plant Protection Congresses (IPPCs)

The IPPCs bring together plant protection specialists from around the world every 4 years to discuss the science and practice of plant protection. The first IPPC was held in Louvain, Belgium in 1946. Congresses through to 1975 focused principally on new means of controlling insects with some discussion relating to the chemical control of diseases. The majority of the participants were entomologists. The Congress held in Washington, DC in 1979 was the first IPPC organized by a multidisciplinary group, consisting of plant pathologists, entomologists, weed scientists, nematologists and chemists; the integration of these disciplines was reflected in the program.

Since 1979 the IPPCs have been broadly multidisciplinary with an emphasis on an integrated approach to plant protection. Thus, for 50+ years the IPPCs have provided a forum for plant protection scientists to communicate and discuss important problems and new discoveries related to crop losses due to pests and their management.

The next Congress - Athens 2023

History of the IPPCs - in Brief and Details