This new section on the IAPPS site provides Educational and Training resources that address various plant protection topics. Wherever appropriate, the aim is to provide material that is of relevance to students studying plant protection but also to provide more in-depth accounts that are of practical use to plant protection researchers and practitioners. The resources posted here have been reviewed, edited and approved by an Editorial Panel of IAPPS Board Members – chaired by Nora Altier, and including Srini Ramasamy, Trevor Jackson and Manu Tamo.

The initial educational and training resources listed below cover very different topics and methods of presentation. As more resources are contributed, the intention is to provide a classification that helps visitors to the site to access material of relevance to their interests.
We start with “stories of plant protection” – that give insights into the complex of factors that cause changes in pest, disease and weed problems and determine the success or failure of plant protection responses.