Dienaba Sall

Position: Coordinator Region IV: West/Central Africa 

ISRA, National Institute for Agricultural Research
Dakar, Bel Air Rte des Hydrocarbures, 



00221 77 658 57 44

00221 33 961 38 32  


Researcher, Chef service défense des cultures ISRA Vallee du fleuve senegal (cultures irriguées) at the Senegalese National Institute for Agriculture Research. Dr SALL is Entomologist involved in Integrated Pest Management since 1996, working on horticultural crops pest management. Recently, she moved to irrigated rice ecosystems, developing collaboration with ISRA- AFRICA RICE, extension services (SAED), and universities. She is recognised by the  African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education, Natural Sciences and Agronomy  (CAMES/Sciences Naturelles Agronomie). Dr SALL is expert in pesticide registration procedures in the Sahelian region CSP (INSAH /WACPR). She  also has experience in administration (former  Director of Horticulture Centre of ISRA). Dr Sall has experience in reviewing articles (IJBCS and bulletin IFAN), in coaching junior researchers newly engaged,   doctorate assessment  (4 doctorate panels ) and student coaching for their final thesis in all academic levels (more than 15). Member of ISHS, ISRA Plant Protection group, P2IA, AAIS, SES,(Senegalese Sociey of Entomologists), ESA, Divecosys.and USDA alumni, 


Dr Dienaba SALL has completed her Doctorate in  Animal Biology from Senegal Dakar Cheikh Anta Diop University in 2005.  Certificated for high school Life and Earth Sciences teaching awarded by UCAD Training and Education Faculty, she  worked at the Ministry of Education from 1999 to 2009 and was also a temporary Assistant at FST/ UCAD university.  In 2010,  she moved to the National Institute for agriculture research (ISRA). She trained in project M&E, Gender, distance learning, bio-statistics and intensive English learning under CORAF/WECARD  and IPMCRSP projects 

Academic Involvement 

African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education as researcher CAMES 2014;

Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellow,  UK agriculture and life science  University of Kentucky (USA) in 2010;PIP/COLEACP, Bayer Crop Science  consultant , 2013

Awards and Honors

CAMES Alumni, 2016
African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education  2014 
FIRST/  grant from Senegal Higher education , research and innovation ministry 2014
Borlaug Fellow and USDA exchange alumni 2010

Professional Involvement

Irrigated rice  and vegetable crop pest management in Senegal River valley since 2017
Coaching students for their final thesis in all levels (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
Publications and scientific work assessment (Thesis assessment panels, articles review)
Pesticid biefficacy trials for regional registration (Pre-homologation )
National pesticids management comitee  (Post homologation)
Networking (Membre of ISRA plant protection groupe, P2IA, SES, ISHS, ESA, USDA alumni, Divecosys 

Experience Summary

Dr Diénaba SALL’s early work involved in Biology Practical Work Instructor and  inventory of horticulture crops insects in Dakar periurban area. She has caracterized  insect pest and their parasitoids  on cabbage and Tomato ( Plutella xylostella, aphids, Tuta absoluta, Helicoverpa armigera etc.). On rice she is making focus on borers and insect transmitting viruses on promising rice varaieties adapted to the region.In her recent research area, she is making investigation on alternatives to pesticids (use of  biocontrol agents like Metarhizium & Trichoderma and  use of  natural product (like neem and kaolin) against insects pests.. Her achievements include control of  Macrotermes suhyalinus and Amitermes evuncifer using Metarhizium anisopliae in collaborative research program ISRA/IFAN/FST 

She participated to the organisation of five workshop at regional and international level as régional coordinator of a project on  Ralstonia solanacearum in Solanaceous Vegetables (RADONSCO/ CORAFWECARD), as lead investigator of ISRA IPM IL project on vegetables crops key pest management (Dakar workshop On Invasive Species and as comitee member of  COM AFRICA RICE 2018 and  DIVECOSYS  workshops 
She was also Involved in recruitment boards, identification of recruitment profiles for young researchers , and confirmation of junior researchers.
Since september 2017 , She has in charge to reopen Plant protection Lab in ISRa Saint Louis in north of senegal  (Senegal River Valley) working mainly on irrigatedc rice and tomato pest management. She has 4 thesis (DEA, Mémoire FASTEF, Thèse, Mémoire de confirmation) tand one ongoing. She has capitalized more than 30 publications ( Articles, communications, poster).