International Plant Protection Awards of Distinction (IPPAD)

An Award of Recognition Established by the Governing Board of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences


Authority, Purpose and Description of the Award

  • The Governing Board (GB) of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS) has established the International Plant Protection Award of Distinction (IPPAD) to honour individuals who have made significant contributions to plant protection on an international basis and who otherwise have served with distinction in advancing the cause of plant protection sciences.
  • The IPPAD shall consist of a standard design approved by the IAPPS Executive Committee. No more than six (6) awards shall be presented at a given International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC).

Responsibility and Procedures for Administering the Award System

  • The IAPPS Executive committee shall serve as the Awards Committee Nominations will be solicited by the Secretary General of IAPPS beginning one (1) year prior to each IPPC
  • Candidates for the IPPAD shall be nominated by members of the GB.
  • The Awards committee shall evaluate the nominees and select the winning candidates six (6) months prior to the next IPPC.
  • The nominated candidates should be individuals, teams or organizations which have made unusual and innovative scientific contributions that promote plant protection and/or made meritorious and productive contributions to the organization, administration and /or management of plant protection programs.


Presentation of Awards

  • Nominees shall be present at the IPPC to receive the award.
  • Awards shall be presented at an awards session at the IPPC. The names of awardees, with proper laudatory language and a description of their contributions shall be included in the Congress program and shall be presented to the Congress participants at the awards session.

Previous IPPAD recipients

Those individuals and teams presented with the IAPPS Award of Distinction at the past six

International Plant Protection Congresses are listed below:

     1.Awardees in 1991, XII IPPC – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Dr. Keith Brent – UK
  • Dr. Alvaro Santos Costa – Brazil
  • Dr. Joseph W. Eckert – USA
  • Dr. Tetsuo Saito – Japan
  • Mr. Cristiano Walter Simon – Brazil
  1. Awardees in 1995, XIII IPPC – The Hague, Netherlands


  • Dr. Perry Lee Adkisson – USA
  • Dr. J. Lawrence Apple – USA
  • Dr. M. A. De Waard – The Netherlands
  • Prof. Rudolf Heitefuss – Germany
  • Dr. Peter E. Kenmore – FAO, Rome
  • Dr. Li Li- Ying – China
  • Prof. Graham Matthews – United Kingdom
  • Dr. Flavio Moscardi – Brazil
  • Dr. S Nagarajan -India
  • Dr. Hugh Sisler – USA


  • The Division of Entomology – CSIRO
  • CffiA Crop Protection Division
  • Koppert Biosystems B. V.
  1. Awardees 1999, XIV IPPC – Jerusalem, Israel
  • Dr. Sultan Alimakhamedov – Uzbekistan
  • Dr. Anthony C. Bellotti – Colombia
  • Dr. Kurt R. S. Ascher – Israel
  1. Awardees in 2004, XV IPPC- Beijing, China
  • Prof. Cheng Zhuo-min – China
  • Prof. Izuru Yamamoto – Japan
  • Prof. Heinz Schmutterer – Germany
  • Prof. Yaacov Katan – Israel
  • Prof. Vittorio Luigi Delucchi – Switzerland
  1. Awardees in 2007, XVI IPPC – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Prof. Zhen Qi Li – China
  • Prof. Baruch Rubin – Israel
  • Prof. John Foster – USA
  • Dr. Mustapha El-Bouhssini – Syria
  • Dr. Gary Jahn – Cambodia/USA
  • Dr. Hari C. Sharma – India 6. 
        6. Awardees in 2011, XVII IPPC – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • Prof. Michael Way – United Kingdom


  • Christian Borgemeister – Kenya
  • S. K. De Datta – USA
  • GUO Yu-yuan – China
  • Karl Hurle – Germany
  • Noriharu ken Umetsu – Japan
  • Robert Zeigler – Philippines


  • AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center
  1. Awardees in 2015, XVIII IPPC – Berlin, Germany


  • David Bergvinson – India
  • K. L. Heong – Philippines
  • Juerg Huber – Germany
  • Richard Sikora – Germany
  • Andreas von Tiedemann – Germany
  • Anthony Youdeowei – Côte d’Ivoire


  • Feed the Future IPM Innovation Lab- VA Tech, USA
  1. Awardees in 2019, XIX IPPC – Hyderabad, India
  • Charles Vincent – Canada
  • Karim Maredia – USA