The IAPPS series of Regional Seminars and workshops involves collaboration between IAPPS and local and international organisations to organise regional seminars and workshops on important plant protection issues. 

Over the past decade there have been seven international seminars/workshops. The titles, dates and locations are shown below. Details of these meetings have been published as items in monthly IAPPS Newsletters and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate pdf link. .

  • Plant Protection in Rice – Beijing – October 2012  – pdf link 

  • Tuta workshop, Knoxville – November 2012 – pdf link

  • Biodiversity & IPM – Indonesia, July 2013 – pdf link

    [The link above is to a pre-meeting article. Details about the meeting was published in Crop Protection (2014) – 61: 102-110 – with the title “Abstracts from the Conference: Biodiversity and Integrated Pest Management“].  

  • Tuta workshop – Ethiopia, November 2013 – pdf link
  • IOBC Parthenium, Ethiopia – July 2014 – pdf link 
    [The link above provides advance information about the meeting. Subsequent articles on Pathenium have been published in the following IAPPS Newsletters –  December 2017 and January 2020]
  • Tuta absoluta workshop, Cairo – 22 October 2015 – pdf link
  • International Conference on Biological Control – India, 2018
    The following report provides further information about work on Tuta absoluta that was presented at this workshop:

    Muniappan, R., and P.S. Kumar. 2018. Workshop on IAPPS working group on Tuta absoluta. Biocontrol News and Information. 39: 30N-31N].

  • Webinar on Biocontrol of Parthenium – Tuesday, 30 March, 2021  

  • XI Argentinean and XII Latin American Congress of Entomology – held in the city of La Plata, Argentina, between October 24 and 28, 2022. The origin and history of FELA can be accessed at