At the first International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) in Louvain, Belgium, 1946, Dr Olof Ryberg of Malmo, Sweden gave an address to the Congress in which he stated –

“The world….needs an international organization for plant protection, not only ….to plan coming congresses….but to a much greater extent to take care of the current work on international plant protection questions.”

Dr Ryberg observed that the activities of the new organization should become multifarious and that it should give attention to important global crop protection problems/issues, publish a regular newsletter and a year-book to summarize important events in crop protection, and develop a working relationship with the United Nations.

However, it took 50 years before a Standing Committee (SC) of the IPPCs established a Future Directions Committee (FDC) in 1995, charged with examining and elaborating upon the goals and objectives of the IPPC and recommending organizational/structural changes necessary to meet the communication and integration needs and challenges of the plant protection sciences for the 21st century and beyond. Among the many recommendations made by the FDC (and subsequently approved by the SC) was the establishment of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS).

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