Benefits of Membership (Individual and Institutional) 

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Institutional membership and fees

The purpose of Institutional membership is to enhance collaboration between IAPPS and organisations that have mutual plant protection goals. The Institutional Membership fee ($850) includes up to 10 individual memberships and two subscriptions to the printed version of Crop Protection. 

Affiliate membership

National and regional societies involved in plant protection activities are encouraged to become affiliate members of IAPPS to promote collaboration activities with IAPPS. While no registration fee is required Affiliate members are expected to meet certain responsibilities. Click here for more information. 

Becoming a member of IAPPS:

To check out the benefits of becoming a member of IAPPS, and the different membership categories and subscription costs involved, click here.


If you wish to become an individual member, or are acting as a representative of an organisation wanting institutional membership, you first need to register by clicking on the icon (add) on the menu bar. 
Register by entering your email. You will then be sent a security password allowing you to log-in and fill out further account details as requested.  


Once you have logged in, you can now proceed to become an IAPPS member. Click on the trolley cart on the main menu. There are three individual member categories – depending on whether you live in a developed country, a developing country, or are a student. [The International Statistical Institute provides the current list of acknowledged developing countries].
Click on the appropriate membership category and you can proceed to the payment section. Institutional membership involves a similar process. 

Note that subscription to the electronic version of the journal “Crop Protection” is included with all membership options. If you are applying for individual membership and wish to subscribe to receive the printed version of “Crop Protection”, you should select that option as well. Institutional membership includes 2 copies of the print version of Crop Protection.


While PayPal provides the platform for payment, you can either use PayPal itself or you can pay using a debit or credit card. Complete the “Billing details”, select which form of payment you wish to use, and proceed with payment. You will then be provided with details of your order. 

If you have a problem with making an electronic payment, it is possible to pay for your subscription by cheque, MoneyGram or Western Union. If this is the case, please send payment to: 
Elvis A. Heinrichs
IAPPS Secretary General
6517 S. 19th St. 
Lincoln, NE 68512

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by wire transfer contact [email protected] for IAPPS bank account details.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Membership login:

As a confirmed IAPPS member,  you can now login to the IAPPS website, using Member Login and providing your Username or email address and your Password. If you forget your password you can click on “Lost your password?” to change the password.

Membership renewal:

Before your membership is due to expire you will receive an email from us and instructions on how to renew.

Access to online Crop Protection:

Once logged in you can access the online version of the Crop Protection journal by????