Benefits of Membership (Individual and Institutional)

  • Free access to the online version of Crop Protection; published by Elsevier [the Official journal of IAPPS].
  • The option of subscribing to the print version of Crop Protection at a considerable discount rate.
  • Reduced registration fee to attend the International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) – the next IPPC to be held in Athens, Greece, June 2024.
  • Different individual fees for members in developed countries ($50), developing countries ($35), and students ($30).
  • The opportunity to propose, be informed of, and attend regional symposia and workshops supported by IAPPS.
  • Publish, without charge, relevant information (e.g. local IPM programs and forthcoming events) in the IAPPS Newsletter section in the Crop Protection journal as well as displayed on the IAPPS website.
  • Get peer support in the challenge to improve research and application of inter-disciplinary plant protection science.

How to Join IAPPS: You can join IAPPS and pay the appropriate membership fee online by going to “Join IAPPS here”. You have the option of paying by credit card or PayPal. The attached “IAPPS Membership Guide” (pdf file) shows you the steps involved. 

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Become a member of IAPPS

Institutional Membership and Fees

The purpose of Institutional membership is to enhance collaboration between IAPPS and organisations that have mutual plant protection goals. The Institutional Membership fee ($850) includes up to 10 individual memberships and two subscriptions to the printed version of Crop Protection. 

Affiliate Membership

National and regional societies involved in plant protection activities are encouraged to become affiliate members of IAPPS to promote collaboration activities with IAPPS. While no registration fee is required Affiliate members are expected to meet certain responsibilities. Click here for more information.