This section on the IAPPS website presents a series of plant protection stories supplied by members of IAPPS in the form of reports, videos, and podcasts. They serve to illustrate the real-world complexity and dynamics involved in contemporary weed, insect pest and disease problems and the many factors involved in dealing with them. These stories provide material of relevance to agricultural students, especially those studying plant protection disciplines, as well as providing more in-depth accounts aimed at providing practical use to plant protection researchers and practitioners. Note the material contained herein is original, reflects the views of the submitter, and is intended to provide information, encourage debate, and advance the cause of integrated plant protection.

The initial plant protection stories below, which can be accessed by clicking on them, cover very different topics and methods of presentation. However, all of these stories give insights into the complex of factors that cause changes in pest, disease, and weed problems and determine the success or failure of plant protection responses. 

Editorial guidelines regarding this initiative can be viewed here.