The purpose of this section is to provide school and university students, and others with an interest in this subject, to learn about the various factors that determine how plant protection practices have evolved over time. This step-through tutorial is available in two forms:

  1. Two pdf files that can be downloaded by clicking on – An Illustrated History of Plant Protection – Part 1 and an Illustrated History of Plant Protection – Part 2. [Scroll down to work through each Part].

  2. A website version of an Illustrated History of Plant Protection that allows users to take advantage of Google Translate to view the tutorial in their own language.   

Starting with the early beginnings in subsistence agriculture, we examine various examples that illustrate the many economic, technical, social and regulatory factors that have influenced the development, effectiveness and problems associated with modern plant protection strategies. 

As the lessons we learn from history continue to change and evolve, so the implications they have for the future need to be updated. The brief history of plant protection described here is based on personal experiences. To keep this story more applicable to other crops, countries and pests, we would very much appreciate any suggestions or contributions covering other specific aspects of plant protection that will enhance this history. Please send your thoughts to “[email protected]”.

Contributors to date: Geoff Norton and Nora Altier