In the past two years the worldwide Covid pandemic has largely prevented face to face international and regional plant protection workshops. As the situation has improved, we plan to provide information about future IAPPS-related workshops. 

International Conference on  Plant Health Management ICPHM 2023 – Innovation and Sustainability

The International Conference on Plant Health Management (ICPHM) 2023 – Innovation and Sustainability will be held in the city of Hyderabad, India, during 15th – 18th November 2023. The conference is being organized by the Plant Protection Association of India (PPAI). PPAI, since its inception in 1972, completed 50 years of yeoman service for the cause of Plant Protection both at National and International level in 2022. The main objective of this international conference is to pursue global opportunities in innovation and sustainability of research and entrepreneurship related to the field of Plant Health Management.

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Dr. Rajan Sharma

IAPPS Coordinator Region VII: South Asia

E-mail: [email protected]