Athens, Greece
Position:Coordinator IPPC (2023)

Agricultural University of Athens, 
Department of Plant Pathology,
Votanikos 11855, ATHENS, Greece



++30 210 529 4505

++30 6932 365566


1967- BS and MS in Agronomy with major in Plant Pathology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
1974- Ph.D. in Plant Pathology- Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, U.K.

Researcher and University Teacher 

1970-1987, Research Plant Pathologist, Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Kiphissia, Athens, Greece
1971-1974, Ph.D. Student, Imperial College of Science Technology and Technology, London, UK
1981-1982, Visiting Scientist, University of Lexington, Kentucky, USA- Host Pathogen Interactions
1993-Visiting Professor, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, MD, USA- Biological Control of soil-borne pathogens
1987- Assistant Professor, 1991- Associate Professor,
1994- 2010, Professor of Plant Pathology, Department of Plant Pathology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
2010- Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

 Research Specialisation

Phytoalexins and induced resistance
Biological control of plant diseases
Verticillium Wilt with emphasis on Olives
Soil solarisation and Methyl Bromide alternatives
Mycotoxicogenic Fungi in Grapes and Wine
Various others 

Research Supervision in Agricultural University of Athens  

Master Students directly supervised-55
PH.D. Students directly supervised -7

Academic Positions  

Director of the Section of Plant Protection and Environment of the Agricultural University of Athens 2003-2005
Dean of the Faculty of Crop Science. of the Agricultural University of Athens 2005-2009

Memberships and Distinctions  

Member of the American Phytopathological Society since 1989.
Member of the IAPPS Member of the IS-MPMI
President of the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union, 1991- 1994 1995-2000.
President of the Hellenic Phytopathological Society, 1992-1996 and 2008-2012.
Founder and Current President of the Hellenic Society of Phytiatry 2011
President of the International Verticillium Steering Committee 2001-2013

International Initiatives

Establishment of Plant Medicine (Phytiatry) as a University Science:

Organisation of Top International Congresses in Pathology

IX International Symposium on Soil and substrate disinfestation, Heraklion, Crete, 2018 (Tjamos and ISHS)
XVI MPMI Congress On Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions, Rhodes Greece 2014. (Tjamos E.C., Kamoun S. and IS-MPMI).
10th International Verticillium Symposium 2009, Corfu, Greece, 2009. (Tjamos, Paplomatas, Tsitsigiannis, Antoniou and Tjamos)
XII Mediterranean Phytopathological Congress, Rhodes Greece 2006. (Tjamos E.C. and MPU)
8VI International Symposium on Soil and substrate disinfection, Corfu, Greece 2004. (Tjamos, Gullino and Katan
Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants Corfu, Greece 2000. (Tjamos, Metraux, Valoon, Kuc, Kloepper and Hammersmith) 
7th International Verticillium Symposium Cape Sounion, Athens Greece 1997. (Tjamos and Paplomatas)
Olive diseases conference, Cape Sounion, Athens Greece 1993 (Tjamos Graniti and Smith)
NATO ARW on Biological Control of Plant Diseases-Progress and Challenges for the Future 1991. Cape Sounion, Athens Greece (Tjamos, Papavizas and Cook)
NATO ARW on Vascular Wilt Diseases 1988. Cape Sounion, Athens Greece 1988. (Tjamos E.C. and Beckman C.)
NATO ASI on Active Defense Mechanisms in Plants, Cape Sounion, Athens Greece 1980. (Wood RKS and Tjamos E.C.)