Dr Mustapha El-Bouhssini

Position:Coordinator Regions III and VII: Middle East & North Africa 




  • PhD in Entomology, 1992, Kansas State University, USA
  • MSc in Entomology, 1986, Kansas State University, USA
  • BSc in Techniques in Agronomy, 1980, National School of Agriculture, Meknes, Morocco


  • ICARDA Outstanding Research Team (Resistance to insects identified through the Focused Identification of Germplasm Strategy), 2011(team member).
  • Hassan II Prize for Research and Innovation, 2009, for the development of wheat varieties resistant to Hessian fly in Morocco (team member).
  • International Plant Protection Award of Distinction from the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS), 2007.
  • CSO (Civil Society Organizations)/CGIAR award for ICARDA’s Innovative Partnership for Sunn pest IPM, 2006 (team leader).
  • ICARDA outstanding research team (IPM of Sunn pest research group), 2005 (team leader).
  • Research and Development Prize, 2002, ‘Scientific studies and new technologies’, from the Ministries of Higher Education, Industries and Agriculture, Morocco, for the development of the first Hessian fly resistant durum wheat varieties in Morocco (team member).
  • ICARDA Scientist of the Year, 1998.
  • R.C. Smith Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Student at Kansas State University, USA, 1991.

Positions Held

  • Adjunct Professor, Entomology Department, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA, December 2005 to date.
  • Senior Entomologist (IPM of cereal and legume insect pests), ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria, September 1997 to date.
  • Research Entomologist (IPM of cereal insect pests), Dryland Research Center (INRA), Settat, Morocco, April 1985- to 1996.

Major Research Interests

Integrated pest management, including:

  • Biological control (parasitoids and entomopathogenic fungi)
  • Host-plant resistance (screening of germplasm, mechanisms of resistance and biotypes characterization through differential and molecular techniques)


Refereed publications (78), proceedings (26), newsletters and extension publications (10), books (3) and book chapters (4), and voluntary and invited presentations (100 +) at international and regional meetings worldwide.