Dr Shaonpius Mondal


Dept. of Entomology
211 Entomology Hall 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE, 68505, USA




office (402) 472-7666

(208) 844-0585   

[email protected]


Arthropod vectors of plant viruses, Vector biology, Insect-plant-virus interactions, Confocal microscope, Integrated pest and disease management.


Ph.D. in Entomology – University of Idaho. USA.

MS in Entomology – Punjab Agricultural University. India.

B.Sc. (Agriculture) with Honors – Visva Bharati University. India

Post-doctoral Research Experience:

Cornell University, USA – Aphid vector of plant viruses (potyvirus), vector biology, virus-host-vector interactions.

USDA-ARS, USA – whitefly vectors of plant viruses (crinivirus and ipomovirus) – Molecular detection of plant viruses and insect species, virus-host-vector interactions, molecular breeding.

Current position and research interests:

Assistant professor of Entomology at the Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I joined as a faculty in 2023 and have 80% research and 20% teaching responsibility. I have a dedicated lab on arthropod vector of plant viruses and my major research focus is understanding virus-host-vector interactions in wheat curl mite transmitted wheat viruses. Other research focus includes understanding strain composition of barley yellow dwarf virus and contribution of aphid transmission on their prevalence.

Previous research and teaching experience:

As a senior research fellow in India, my research focused on developing and dissemination strategies for Integrated Pest Management of several cotton and rice pests. During my doctoral study at University of Idaho and post-doctoral study at Cornell University, I studied the contribution of aphid transmission on the major potato virus Y (PVY) strain shift in US potato. As a research specialist at USDA-ARS, I evaluated reasons behind seasonal prevalence of two criniviruses in melon crop.

I have published more than 15 refereed journal articles, have authored/coauthored more than 50 invited presentation, lectures, and other presentations in national and international conferences. I have also mentored several students and taught courses on insect vectors of plant pathogens and IPM. I served a reviewer for more than 20 internationally reputed journals and assessed several scientific works for their excellence.

Professional societies:

Entomological Society of America, American Phytopahological Society, Indian Society of Entomology, Indian Society for Advancement of Insect Science (life member), American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

International Outlook:

During my scientific career, I have collaborated with many scientists throughout world, including from Israel, Scotland, Jamaica, India etc. As a member of the IAPPS executive team, my long-term goal would be to assist the society and render a collaborative global research effort to mitigate insect pest and disease problems of crop plants throughout world.