Dr Trevor Jackson

Coordinator Oceania
Position:Coordinator Region XII: Oceania

AgResearch Ltd
Lincoln Research Centre
Private Bag 4749
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand






Insect pathology, Entomology, Microbial Products, Biological Control of Soil-Dwelling Pests, IPM.


  • Ph.D (Lincoln University) 1982.
  • M.Sc.(Dist) DIC (Imperial College) 1976
  • B.Hort.Sc (Lincoln University) 1972

Countries of work experience

New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Malaysia, Samoa, Papua New Guinea.

Experience Summary

Trevor Jackson is an entomologist/microbiologist with expertise in development of biological control systems for integrated pest management (IPM). His research focus has been on development of insect pathogens as biopesticides and inoculants for the control of insect pests, particularly those that live in the soil or other concealed environments. He has developed a strong expertise in microbial production and formulation for pest control products. His research has focussed on biological control of pests in extensive pasture, plantation crop and horticultural ecosystems.

Trevor’s research has been published in more than 100 refereed scientific papers, numerous conference and industry presentations and incorporated into >5 patents. He has led training programmes in insect pathology/pest management and development projects in the Pacific, Asia and Latin America.  He has worked with industry in development and use of beneficial microbes in plant protection and growth enhancement.

Trevor is currently a Principal Scientist at AgResearch, New Zealand.