The XI Argentinean and XII Latin American Congress of Entomology will be held in the city of La Plata, Argentina, between October 24 and 28, 2022. On this opportunity, the Latin American Federation of Entomology (FELA) will hold its Ordinary Assembly, in which the new authorities are to be elected and the venue for the next Congress shall be chosen. FELA will also host the “Entomology without Borders” roundtable, with the participation of the Representatives of the Entomological Societies that are members of FELA.

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The origen and history of FELA can be accessed at Zerbino-Bardier MS, Coronado-Blanco JM. 2020. Origen e historia de la Federación de Entomología de Latino América (FELA). Bol. Soc. Mex. Entomol. (n. s.) 6(3): 73-77.



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